Racing Show

Car hire Pantaleo rents the sport of Hydro Fly, commonly known as Fly Board, which is an aquatic activity that allows you to use the propulsion produced by a jet ski in combination with a jet apparatus, connected by a tube able to provide the pressure needed to support hydrodynamics, on which are attached to the wake board shoes that, worn by the user, allow him to fly over the water and dive into acrobatic figures in safe conditions. The team is made up of professional riders led by Cristiano Perseu, a world-renowned athlete. Car Rental Pantaleo also organizes show events along with the Fly Board: with the use of dancing fountains, the show will be combined with a sensational choreography.

The dancing fountains, in addition to their standard function and lighting, are able to produce the Screenwater, which is a water screen that forms a rectangle where it is

You can project holograms in 3D, video or play live directories. The shows can be diurnal or evening with Pro-Rider performances provided with Led suits. The water screen has a coverage of 45 meters in height and 40 meters in width: thanks to its great visibility, it can also be an advertising channel for the development of the territory and its activities. The fusion between the majesty of the fountains with their effects and the freestyle performances of the Pro-Rider creates a unique and unrepeatable atmosphere that until now has never been known in Italy.